Manufacturer of kitchen doors shopfitting and and membrane-pressed, vinyl-wrapped components

Products & Applications

Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom…

We manufacture a wide range of doors and can also produce doors in custom sizes, designs and finishes.

We also manufacture a wide range of bedroom and bathroom units and can also produce doors/units in custom sizes, designs and finishes.

Our amazing kitchen ranges are available in modern or traditional ranges.

Modern style is perfectly in-tune with the latest kitchen trends with an exceptional choice of designs and materials. An impressive portfolio of feature accessories create that all important personal touch.

Traditional style boasts an extensive selection of timeless designs, all the essential ingredients for a warm and welcoming kitchen. From elegant simplicity to rustic charm, the range is rich in unmistakable classics.



bbqdisplayWe can produce counters, shelves and display systems, designed and finished to suit a specific image and requirement. Our manufacturing and production methods encompass high quality, high volume joinery manufacture, whilst still retaining traditional bespoke manufacture.

We produce a range of profiles specifically for shopfitting purposes in an extensive range of colours and finishes.

Our custom design service allows us to meet customers’ individual demands, and we have the ability to colour match profiles, cut profiles to individual length requirements and produce any size, shape or amount of profile needed.